Low Risk Business Models (And Low Risk Entrepreneurship)

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Starting a business doesn't have to be risky. In this live conversation, we discuss low risk business models and the principles of low risk entrepreneurship. If you are interested in starting a low risk business, especially a low risk online business, see what we have to say on the topic!

In this Livestream, we go into more depth on why Starting a Business Doesn't Have to be Risky by discussing the concept of low risk entrepreneurship.

Below are a few of the topics we cover:

  • The importance of having a clear business model when starting a business
  • Why the nature of your business matters
  • The power of keeping overhead low
  • Not having enough time is never an excuse
  • Start your business while you still have a job
  • The key skills successful entrepreneurs have
  • Keeping marginal costs low
  • Have a vision before you get started
  • The difference between freelancing and running a business
  • Don't feel pressure to solve the worlds toughest problems (at least at first)

Thanks for joining us and Happy Wealth Staking!