Does It Ever Pay To Be Frugal

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Does it ever pay to be frugal? Absolutely. But not always. There is an art to how to be frugal without being cheap and how to be frugal and happy at the same time. In this live conversation, we discuss how to be frugal and save money, and highlight times when you're better off simply earning more money.

In this Livestream, we go into more depth on Saving More Money vs Earning More Money by investigating the art of being frugal without being cheap.

Below are a few of the topics we cover:

  • Earnings don't determine your net worth
  • How a frugal person can out save a high earner
  • Balancing earning and saving money
  • The danger of obsessing over earning money
  • The problem with being too frugal
  • How to be more strategic with your spending
  • Optimizing your budget around your cost centers
  • Optimizing your budget around your lifestyle priorities

Thanks for joining us and Happy Wealth Staking!