Laying A Foundation For Building Wealth

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If you are building wealth from nothing, you need to first focus on laying a foundation for building wealth. In this live session, we discuss strategies and tips for building wealth early on in your journey.

In this Livestream, we go into more depth on our lesson on Building Wealth on Your Own Terms by discussing how we can lay a foundation for building wealth.

Below are a few of the topics we cover:

  • The pressure and confusion of establishing a career right out of college
  • MD's fascinating adventures in Turkey
  • The incredible opportunities that come with starting your career in a different country
  • Balancing making a living and exploring your passions
  • The danger of prioritizing money early on (and why that limits your experiences)
  • The power of accumulating diverse work experiences early on in your career
  • The importance of being true to yourself and not being discouraged by societal pressure
  • The value of building skills for keeping you on your feet

Thanks for joining us and Happy Wealth Staking!