The Fundamentals Of Building Wealth

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The fundamentals of building wealth are surprisingly simple and straightforward. Yet, so many of us seem to ignore them. In this live session, we discuss the foundations of building wealth from nothing, and how anyone can set up systems for a life of financial freedom.

In this Livestream, we go into more depth on our 3-Step Guide to Building Wealth by elaborating on each of the three steps of the process.

Below are a few of the topics we cover:

  • The difference between “simple” and “easy”
  • The concept of “uncorrelated” when it comes to income streams
  • The importance of having multiple income streams
  • The emergence of the multi-skilled professional
  • Business is about solving people's problems
  • No need to bite off more than you can chew with your side hustle
  • Your priorities are revealed by how you spend the hours of your day
  • The wisdom of Derek Sivers (and his success in business)
  • Excessive indulgence in past-times that serve as a sedative (e.g., watching TV) can be an indication of bigger issues in your life
  • Understanding how to treat money as a tool
  • The power of pricing out your priorities
  • The importance of investing your money vs spending or saving it

Thanks for joining us and Happy Wealth Staking!