How to Decide to Buy Something

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In our debut Stake Your Wealth live session, MD and I discuss practical examples of using Your True Cost to determine when to buy something. If you are wondering how to decide to buy something, calculating your true cost is a great place to start. Use this strategy to make smart purchases.

In this Livestream, we discuss practical ways of implementing the concepts discussed in our lesson on calculating your true cost. Some of the topics we cover include:

  • The founding principles of Stake Your Wealth
  • There's so much about wealth building and financial independence that they don't teach us in school
  • The concept of Your True Cost, weighing the price against the benefit
  • Why True Cost matters
  • Frugality vs spending money to make money
  • Celebrating wins and rewarding success
  • Soliciting outside advice on the best use of your money
  • Getting more value through strategic planning (rather than going cheap)
  • Accumulated value and what it matters

Happy Wealth Staking!